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Your event rather it be a Wedding, birthday Corporate Event or family gathering, should be a day filled with excitement, happiness!   At Event Catering Chattanooga we truly understand the importance of this special day and the memories that will last a lifetime.  We offer truly amazing service, foods, and beverages at a cost that won't break the budget! Why serve something no one is going to remember or heard of?  Give them what they crave! 

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"A Day as Unique as Uncompromised Quality"


We realize that planning an event can be expensive and that you might have a firm budget to work within.  At Event Catering, we offer a variety of different price points and menus.   We offer full-service catering, Buffet Style, Drop off & Go.   With our Drop off & Go - you can even order online and have your food service as soon a the next day! 


We never compromise on quality or presentation and everything is completely customizable to your needs.  We have a diverse menu of good ole Southern Cooking, Elegant Dishes or some Southwestern Flavors.    Our flavors and Service are top rated.


Services:  Seated Dinner,  Buffet Cocktail Dinner, Buffet, Brunch Seated/Buffet

Box Lunches/Breakfast Buffet/Simply Set up & Delivery only.  You can also see reviews and more photos of our latest events on Facebook - Like our page today! 

We offer Taco Bars, BBQ, Southern Comfort Menus

and Lots More! 

Affordable, Delicious and Amazing Client Service